Sleeping comfort on the highest level. After each night ready for an energetic day.

In Hospitality Industry, a guest is God. As one of the leading hotel, you entrust on the finer points of hospitality and luxury. You do everything to make sure that your guest indulge themselves in a lifestyle of luxury and unparalleled comfort. Whenever your guest need accommodation for business or pleasure, you prefer that they get a healthy and comfortable sleep. So, while sending them to sleep, naturally nothing less than the best will do.

This premium advance mattress range is available in two variants Ebony & Ebony Hybrid. Main base of Pocket spring in both variants prevents motion transfer and gives soft support. Exquisite Exterior: The Luxurious double Jacquard fabric cover helps to create a cooler, more breathable sleeping surface. Benefits includes extra warmth, elasticity, light weight and absorbent in a more premium packaging.

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Sleeping comfort on the highest level. After each night ready for an energetic day.

What is comfortable for one person may not be comfortable for someone else. We all have different needs and the mattress which gives one person the best sleep may not be suitable for another. At Dreams we’ve graded each of our mattresses on their level of comfort, from ‘Orthopeadic’ to ‘Medium Soft’. The scale is specific to us and will hopefully help you find the most suitable mattress for you.

A firm mattress is great if you sleep mainly on your stomach or back. It will give you great support all night long. If you are of a larger build or just prefer a firm night’s sleep, a firm mattress is a great choice.


A medium firm mattress is a great choice if you tend to sleep on your back or stomach. However, it will also support the shoulders and hips if you or your partner sleep on their side.


A medium comfort grade mattress is suitable for all kinds of sleeping positions and for those who sleep mainly on their side. A medium mattress will tend to conform to the shape of your body offering a gentle and comfortable support system.


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